Law Office of Carolyn Drawhorn Wiedenfeld is a Top Law Firm in Beaumont, Texas handling matters involving Family Law, Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, Insurance Disputes, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law and Wills/Probate.

Our Law Firm has the experience you are looking for when you need legal representation for these areas of law. Have you been arrested and face a felony charge? Carolyn is an experienced Criminal Lawyer who will fight for you to receive the best possible outcome when you have been charged with a DWI, need help with a PreTrial Diversion, or have had your probation or parole revoked.

Has your child been arrested and charged with a crime? Law Office of Carolyn Drawhorn Wiedenfeld handles Juvenile Law and cares whether your loved one is treated fairly. She will represent them so the courts don’t take advantage of your child and use them as an example. Carolyn’s Law Firm can handles cases whether it is their first offense or a repeat offender.

Family Law has is a passion for Carolyn Drawhorn Wiedenfeld. Do you need a good divorce lawyer? Do you need to modify an existing divorce decree? Attorney Carolyn Drawhorn Wiedenfeld takes her family divorce cases serious and will fight to make sure you, and your children come out with exactly what is best for everyone.

Will and Probate Law. Do you need a will and someone to handle your affairs when you are gone? Carolyn Drawhorn Wiedenfield Attorney at Law can handle all of your Will and Probate Law needs. You can rest easy knowing that your affairs and personal matters are taken care of with the help of Attorney Carolyn Drawhorn Weidenfeld.

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